Rodgers breaks out Hingle McCringleberry TD celebration


Aaron Rodgers broke out the Hingle McCringleberry touchdown celebration in a real, live NFL game!

For those who don't get it, it's from a Key & Peele sketch many years ago when the NFL was living up to its "No Fun League" reputation and penalizing excessive celebrations.

In the skit, Hingle McCringleberry pumps his hips three times, violating the two hip pump rule.

And when he scores his third touchdown of the game, he struggles to restrain himself as the referee looks on.

The impression is spot on from Rodgers, even if we hate to admit it because you know... Aaron Rodgers. 🤮

But the cherry on top, Rodgers was ruled out of bounds at the 1-yard line so he didn't get the touchdown.

Khalil Mack is going to put a stop to all this Rodgers celebrating on Nov. 29 with nine sacks.

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