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Aaron Rodgers' doppelgänger found, lives in Germany

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While Aaron Rodgers was making headlines on the field during the Bears-Packers game on Sunday, a man named Frank was making headlines, and scoring free beers, in the stands.

Frank, whose last name was not released due to privacy concerns, spoke to a Wisconsin radio station, where he revealed he traveled from Munich to Chicago last weekend to take his dad to the game as a birthday present.

Living in Germany, Frank, a software engineer, said his similarities to Rodgers were never pointed out. But on Sunday at Lambeau Field it became apparent.

"My sister (finally) said I needed to get a Rodgers jersey,” Frank told 620WTMJ’s Wis. Afternoon News.

So he purchased a jersey and quickly began making friends, with some even buying him beer. Then, NBC's Sunday Night Football broadcasters caught wind of the doppelganger in the stands and showed him on air and on social media. Just like that, Frank went viral.

“Someone beside me said ‘Hey man your on Twitter and TV," he told the station. “The next day when I saw millions of views on Twitter, it was unreal.”

Social media erupted, with some fans saying the man in stands looks more like Rodgers than Rodgers himself.

It eventually caught the attention of Rodgers, who said on the Pat McAfee show that he was "trying to astro-project myself into the stands and I was able to do that and then they found me somehow."


"That was an astroprojection of myself with a filled in beard - great beard, by the way," he said before alleging that Frank was "a total plant."

Frank addressed the comment on Twitter saying, "I assure you @SNFonNBC didn’t scouted me in Germany for the Game."

For now, Frank says he is home and still reveling in the "legendary weekend."

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