Rodgers says he didn't give Jets wish list of players


It's all out in the open, Aaron Rodgers intends to play for the New York Jets in 2023.

Rodgers clarified his intentions on the Pat McAfee Show and once again took the opportunity to address reports from national NFL insiders.

He previously had called their reports "bulls**t" and said none of them have sources close to him. On Wednesday he said he told Adam Schefter to lose his number, which Schefter confirmed.

But he also took aim at a recent report from ESPN's Dianna Russini, that Rodgers gave the Jets a list of former Packers teammates and other players he wanted them to sign.

A "wish list" of sorts.

Rodgers said that was categorically false, noting he didn't respond to Russini's text.

"From what I've seen, it's like I had a sheet of paper when I met with the Jets, and I said, sign these people," Rodgers said. "And that's not the reality. So ridiculous.

"It's so stupid to think that I would do that number one. Now, did they ask about certain guys I've played with over the years? Of course. Did I talk glowingly about teammates that I love? Yeah. Why wouldn't you?"

And then he painted a ridiculous picture of him in "ceremonial regalia" handing over a piece of "hand-written" parchment with a list.

He compared the conversation to any team trying to get intel on players.


"I think objectively, a lot of people can look at Allen Lazard and go he's a really good player. We would love to have him on our team," Rodgers said. "And then anybody with a brain would maybe call me on any team and go, 'Hey, what kind of a locker room guy is Allen Lazard? What's his work ethic like? And I'd say he's a f**king great dude. Anybody would be lucky to have him in the locker room."

The Jets and Lazard reportedly agreed to a four-year deal on Tuesday.

The other name on the list was Odell Beckham, Jr.

"I mean, first of all, who wouldn't want Odell on their team," Rodgers said.

"What are we talking about here. I don't have demands."

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