Aaron Rodgers says 'stay tuned' for decision on his future


After conflicting reports debated whether or not the Packers trading Aaron Rodgers to the Jets is a done deal (pending Rodgers’ approval), Rodgers told the world to “stay tuned” for an end to his latest offseason saga. Rodgers caught up with Brandon Marshall on Marshall’s “I Am Athlete” podcast to discuss when he may make a decision about his future.

“I think it won’t be long,” Rodgers said on Marshall’s podcast. “There’s a time limit for all of this.”

There are three ways the 2023 edition of the Rodgers saga can end: he can return to the Packers, he can request a trade to another team, or he can retire. Over the past week, there’s been serious buzz that Rodgers will follow in Brett Favre’s footsteps and leave Green Bay for New York, but there has been serious buzz in the past that Rodgers and the Packers would split up and it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

As for how Rodgers’ recent meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson went, Rodgers played coy.

“It’s always interesting meeting important figures in the sport. Yeah, it’s always interesting. That’s all I’m giving you.”

Rodgers has participated in alternative wellness retreats to help make his decisions, from ayahuasca trips to sitting alone in complete darkness. It’s unclear how much those retreats really play a role in steering Rodgers towards one option or another, but Rodgers did open up to Marshall about why they’re important to him.


“I think it starts with self love, and I think when you can figure out how to give yourself that unconditional love it allows you to both receive it and then give that out in the world. I was just really introspective years ago about how I want to show up in the world, and I did a number of different things, but plant medicine has allowed me to open up some of those dimensions of myself that make me feel more present, more love for myself, more love for my people, my teammates, my loved ones, and it’s been really beautiful for me.

“It helps me feel a lot more settled in my life and not to just ride the highs and lows. Because my personality, I’m a very heady person, and I wanted to figure out how to get out of my head more often and into my heart. And the more I’ve tried to do that I’ve really had deeper connections with people, deeper connection with myself. It’s a journey that never ends. You don’t find it, I think, and ‘I got all the answers’ー I don’t. I’m still learning, but I’m thankful for the work and people I’ve met along the way, and I’m on my path. I’m going to keep doing things that make me feel better about myself and keep searching and reading and learning and meeting great people.”

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