If you don't already have a ticket to next week's Packers-Bears game, you probably don't need to read the rest of this. 

If you do - congrats! You are the owner of one of the NFL's most expensive hottest tickets. Take a peak at this, from the Green Bay Press Gazette: 

Secondary market broker StubHub said the Packers-Bears matchup is the most in-demand game of the season, outselling last season's league opening game by 25 percent.

Last season's opener was Falcons vs. Eagles from Philly, so yeah, that checks out. A casual peruse of StubHub reveals the following: 

  • If you're going by yourself and don't care where you sit, first of all, good for you. Fight that fight. You can get a lovely, guaranteed seat in Section 444 for a mere $336. That's less than a dollar per section! Who has the ball? Is the game even happening? Who cares?! You're in! 
  • The real bargains begin if you go with someone else. 2 tickets bought together? $307 per, and in that weird tiny triangle section in the corner of the 400's. You've gotta spend to save. 
  • StubHub considers the "best value" for 1 ticket to be a midfield, field-level seat for $800. Don't ever say they're not looking out for the customer! 
  • The most expensive ticket you could buy for this one singular football game in September is a field-level spot behind the opponents bench, and that'll cost you over three thousand of your dollars. 

StubHub: making people's decisions for them for almost 20 years now. 

(P.S. - Bears fans, please enjoy this quote about the Packers, presented without any needed context: "I would say retail prices for Packers games are the lowest I've seen in awhile," said Bill Wenzel of Green Bay Ticket Service in Ashwaubenon. "Fans have learned (during the last two losing seasons) and they are not going after tickets in the middle and end of the season like they did when the Packers were winning all those years.")