Alex Brown to Matt Nagy: 'Get out of here'


After the Bears wrapped up their 2021 season, with another letdown in a 31-17 loss to the Vikings, the Football Aftershow crew took to the airwaves to share their thoughts. Much of it surrounded where things went wrong for Matt Nagy and what the future might hold for the team. At many points, the crew went in on Nagy, too.

“I truly don’t give a damn what Nagy does when he leaves here, just as long as he’s not my coach anymore,” said Alex Brown. “I don't care. I don't care. Get out of here. Go ahead. Because what I saw today has been the same thing… it’s been the same thing we've been watching, if you've been watching for the last four years, since he got here.

“It's just in 2018 some of it worked, right? We're looking at that back then, and Lance and I are talking about it, like, ‘Why are we in four wide on 4th-and-inches? And then we get the first and everybody's like, ‘Oh yeah, great job!’ That's not going to work. ‘Well it worked.’ OK, give it time. Give it time.”

In Brown’s eyes, that time came in year two, when the rest of the league caught on to Nagy’s offense and he didn’t respond.

“You're not going to trick everybody, this is the NFL man,” Brown said. “Those defensive coordinators that were going to go against him the following years, they spent the whole offseason trying to figure him out. And he doesn't adjust. He goes in, he says, ‘We got to do what we do better.’ It's not working, coach. It's not working. And we've seen that.


“Look at the third quarters, coming out of halftime. Look at when he comes off a bye week and you're likeー you're shocked. Like, you had two weeks and that's what you came up with? It's the same stuff all the time, and I'm tired of seeing it.”

Fortunately for Brown it seems a foregone conclusion that he won’t need to see it anymore. Heading into the year, George McCaskey made it clear that the Bears needed to improve on their 8-8 record in 2021. But instead of showing progress, they went the wrong way, finishing 6-11, and locking in their first losing record in Nagy’s four years leading the team.

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