It started with an innocent question: 

Simple enough. Robinson's coming off the second-best season of his career, one that saw him put up over 1000 yards receiving with seven touchdowns. That doesn't have Clark convinced, though:

Damn Ryan. Tell us how you really feel. Obviously what came next was a semi-cryptic reply from Robinson: 

Which was obviously followed by Clark tip-toeing around the tweet, because it's all fun and games until someone replies: 

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This wasn't the end of it though, as Robinson went on his '12 with 12' Instagram film study and, wouldn't you know it, answered a fan question about Clark's comments: 

People say so much stuff, man. I’m going to keep it 100. Again, when I first got to Chicago, everybody knew I was coming off an ACL injury. I missed 4 games that season, and I think I caught like 755 yards. If I had played every game that season I would have caught 1000. That’s the fact of the matter. Then I come back this year and have a little over 1110 and seven touchdowns. The fact of the matter is that every single year I’ve been in the league – put my in any query or anything, and I’m going to be at the top of the league at something. Again, people say what they want, you know? Ever since I’ve stepped a foot into this league, I’ve been making plays, so I don’t even really concern myself with all that. It is what it is. People are on TV to say whatever. Everybody saw Rex Ryan talking crazy about Amari Cooper – shoutout to Amari Cooper. Big fan, love his game. He’s a hell of a player. But that’s what it is in this business sometimes. It is what it is.


This Football Player Beef gets a C+. It's too arbitrary, too cordial. Ryan Clark is taking fan questions because he's bored and Allen Robinson is reviewing his own game film on Instagram because he is also bored. This is boredom beef. C+