So, uh, what's going on with the Bears' WRs on Twitter?


I know Matt Nagy says that he doesn't get into 'all that social media stuff' but I'm wondering if, as the Bears come apart at the seams during this 5-game losing streak, maybe he should? It worked out just fine for Matt Patricia. 

I wonder that because, reader, there's a tiny, casual Twitter revolt happening in the Bears' wide receiver room. Take a look: 

So as it turns out, they went and unliked most of the tweets – which probably has something to do with the fact that the above tweet got almost 200 RTs and over one thousand likes. Just so we're all perfectly clear about what these screengrabs are showing us: Javon Wims liked a tweet stating that 'Chicago is where receivers go to die', Anthony Miller liked a tweet suggesting he go to New England, and Allen Robinson liked three tweets, each one suggesting a different NFC powerhouse that he should play for next season. Three receivers, five tweets, one totally normal week on the world wide web. 

And if you want to sit here in December of 2020 and pretend that the actions of professional athletes on social media have no meaning whatsoever, fine. Acceptance takes time – I get that. But dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives