ARob: Foles doesn't fear anything


Nick Foles passes the eye-ball test for Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson.

First Take's Max Kellerman was hyping up Foles, saying he's watched him ball out since college while others think Foles just has some clutch time magic, when he asked Robinson how he views Foles.

"He's a Super Bowl winner. I think that's the biggest thing," Robinson said. "I think the plays that you've seen him make throughout the course of his career, like you're saying, in big games, in big moments... I think that's what makes him, him.

"He's never afraid of any moment at all. He doesn't fear a defense. He doesn't fear anything. He comes in and he's running the show and that's what makes him special."

That's some glowing words from Robinson, who was sticking pretty closely to "coach speak" in the interview.

He doesn't directly discuss Mitch Trubisky in the interview, but you have to wonder if the juxtaposition of the two on a daily basis made those attributes of Foles stand out.

And some controversy surrounded the decision and timing of the quarterback swap, including from Stephen A. Smith in this segment.

"Coach made the decision coming out of training camp, as far as who’s going to be the starter. We believe in Coach Nagy, we always have," Robinson said. "Whatever decision he makes, as a team we support it, we’re going to rock with it."

Right now, we're rocking with Foles.

3-0 and on to 19-0.

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