Allen Robinson takes first step in building connection with Nick Foles


Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson might be the most important player on the roster right now. At least, he's in the discussion and there's little debate that he's the most critical offensive weapon in Chicago.

Robinson, who many expect will ink a lucrative contract extension prior to the 2020 season kicking off, may have a new quarterback throwing passes to him this year following the team's trade for veteran Nick Foles. While Foles has to unseat Mitch Trubisky for the starting job, the prevailing opinion is that he will. And the sooner Robinson builds chemistry with the former Super Bowl winner, the better the offense will be.

That will be a challenge, however, as the NFL's truncated offseason will limit the ability for teams to acclimate new players into their system in time for opening weekend. The social distancing effort to combat the COVID-19 outbreak has everything in the United States on hold, and football is no exception. As a result, some long-distance efforts have to be made.

“I had heard nothing but positive things about Nick from some of my former teammates in Jacksonville who played with him,” Robinson said of Foles via the Chicago Tribune. “I know it’s a new place for him, so I told him if he had any questions to feel free to reach out.”

The Bears have consistently praised Robinson's off-field approach to the game as being just as valuable as his yards and touchdowns, and his effort with Foles is a perfect example. As one of the team's leaders, Robinson is taking the necessary initiative to welcome a player who may end up being the key variable in Chicago's efforts to return to the playoffs in 2020.


It won't take long for Foles to build trust in Robinson on the field, especially if they're already working on a bond during one of the most challenging offseasons in league history.