ARob 'underestimated' effect of Trubisky, Foles switch


There’s an old adage in the NFL, “If you have two QBs, you have none.” At times last season for the Bears that cliché played out to be true. Matt Nagy’s decision to flip from Mitchell Trubisky to Nick Foles was understandable, and when Foles got hurt, the flip back to Trubisky was unavoidable. But when speaking on Cris Collinsworth’s podcast on Tuesday, Allen Robinson said even he underestimated the effect those changes would have on the Bears.

“Going into the season last year, I didn’t really think, because I hadn’t really played with two quarterbacks for awhile, I didn’t really think how it would affect me as a player, or how it would affect our offense,” Robinson said. “I definitely underestimated that. Because for us, we ran two different schemes. You know, we had two different people calling the plays. You know, you’re trying to learn and adjust to two different people, on the fly.

“Nick, when he gets to the line, he likes to get you into the right play, get you into the right looks and things like that. He’s very gung ho on checks and adjustments at the line of scrimmage. So for guys, that’s something that guy’s had to get used to. Even some of the young guys, being in they playbooks non-stop. Because Nick, if he sees something, he’s going to get to a “block-block-flat,” if he sees a possible nickel blitz or something like that. Or he might get to a screen. It’s like, the whole playbook is open at any time.


“Then also when you have Mitch, you know, the scheme is a little bit different. We want to use his athleticism some more. So some of the different concepts that we bring into it, and kinda evolve into the offense are a little bit different.”

But that wasn’t all the upheaval Robinson and the offense had to deal with either. Mark Helfrich was out as offensive coordinator, and the Bears replaced him with Bill Lazor.

“So coming into training camp, we’re learning his system,” Robinson said. “Then when Nick came in, we’re going to a different kind of system, more west-coast style. So it was a lot last year, and it was something that, for myself, I definitely underestimated that it may have had, having two different quarterbacks, and playing it multiple kinds of schemes. It was tough a little bit sometimes last year.”

Ryan Pace seems determined to find one true starter this season, so barring any injuries the Bears should avoid an identity crisis like they faced last season. Lazor is sticking around for a second year, too, so that continuity should help. Just like Robinson didn’t expect little things like that to hold the offense back, maybe those two little things boost the offense more than anyone anticipates this season.

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