Akiem Hicks opens up to Bears fans with impromptu Q&A


It’s February 23rd. The Super Bowl was over two weeks ago. We don’t have an NFL Combine and free agency doesn’t open up for another three weeks. The draft is barely a blip on the horizon. In other words, we are in the dark age of the NFL calendar. Luckily Akiem Hicks hopped on Twitter Monday night to host an impromptu Q&A session to give us all something to read besides endless Deshaun Watson and Sam Darnold trade speculation posts.

His answers spanned a wide range of topics, from football, to food and friends. Here are some of the best moments:

To start, Hicks pointed to new defensive coordinator Sean Desai to answer why he thought the Bears could field a top-three defense again:

But he wasn’t about to go in depth with x’s and o’s in case the Lions or Packers hopped in the thread:

As for an up-and-coming player to keep an eye on, Hicks didn’t narrow things down:

Of course Deshaun Watson rumors came up too:

Someone asked what Hicks’ favorite win was:

And how much he missed having fans at Soldier Field in 2020:

When talking about favorite teammates, Hicks’ singled out some former Bears:

Speaking of former teammates, who would win in arm wrestling match between him and Kyle Long?:

Everyone’s always looking for new T.V. recs too:

And of course the most important question of them all: Dogs and beef, or Deep dish?

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