ARob explains what led to social media purge on Tuesday


In an exciting twist of fate, Bears' star Allen Robinson spoke publicly less than 24 hours after his social media purge dominated the sports news cycle for most of Tuesday. 

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Talking with Chicago media on Wednesday, Robinson explained how the decision to remove most Chicago Bears presence from his accounts "took some emotion:" 

I didn’t know what would come from it. But again, at the same time, to your next question, those guys in that locker room is what makes playing special. I love my teammates, I have nothing but a ton of respect for those guys and even for me, it’s unfortunate – hopefully you guys don’t ask them many questions about this because this not their concern. I can’t say enough about my teammates and those guys that I go to battle with each and every day. At the same time I appreciate those guys so much just in general and even in between the lines. I got a ton of respect for every single last person in that locker room.

It's not a whole lot to work with, though Robinson added that he's a "passionate person" and that the "passion for Chicago and the Bears uniform" hasn't changed. There's also clearly a ton of mutual admiration between Robinson and his teammates, who all went on Twitter at various points yesterday to tweet out their support. Mitch Trubisky didn't dance around the subject when asked, either. 

"Well we always support each other 100 percent all the way so we’re always behind our teammates," he said. "But I think it’s really simple for us. It may seem like a distraction online or on Twitter or whatever it is. But we don’t see that in the locker room. We don’t see that on field. Especially with Allen and a lot of the guys we have on offense, you never got to worry about that type of thing because we’re attacking practice and everything’s a team-first mentality because I know these guys in that locker room, so the way he has handled himself and the rest of the guys on offense, it’s professional."


"We just gotta get that [his contract] done"