ARob on 2020 Big 10 season: 'I don't think they should play'


No one's quite sure what's happening with the Big 10's 2020 football season right now. Back in early August, the conference made the decision to postpone all fall sports – football included – because of ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Then a few parents – among others – complained, some Nebraska players sued the conference, and now, all of a sudden, leaks have come out claiming that the Big 10 is targeting an early October or November start date. 

Allen Robinson, himself no stranger to Big 10 football, thinks that's a bad idea. When asked whether the conference should try and make a football season work in 2020, Robinson was abundantly clear: 

"It’s so tough, man," he said on Tuesday. "I think at the end of the day, if I’m being honest, I probably would say that I don’t think they should play – and I know that a lot of college players may hate hearing that. I think, for us, when colleges try to compare to the NFL, things like that is, I know how it was when I was in college, being around your peers and wanting to be around your peers and doing stuff as a group and lot of social stuff." 

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Robinson pointed out that the NFL's "bubble" isn't a good comparison, because the college experience isn't solely about football. Pros don't have anything standing in their way of going back and forth between the team facility and their home; college athletes, logistically, also have to juggle their academic workload. He harked back to his (record-setting) time at Penn State, where he played from 2011-2013, to emphasize the amount of socializing that takes place on college campuses. It isn't something, he thinks, that schools can mitigate.


"I mean the definition of a university is many colleges in one, which is social. That’s the biggest difference. You have gatherings at your student center. You have different study groups. You have things like that. That’s what college is all about. So, thinking that they’re going to be able to put that to the side and still have kids on campus and living in the dorms and things like that, so trying to have football as well I think it would be very, very tough. I think that, health wise, I don’t think it’s worth risking for all those guys."