It might be time to panic about ARob's future in Chicago


Well, gang. The Bears are in a pickle. While we were sleeping, Allen Robinson wiped any and all signs of Chicago Bears presence from his social media accounts – a very normal thing that happy employees typically do often. Hat tip to the accounts that first noticed this, who were definitely not sleeping: 

If you think this means nothing, bless you. May you always stay so blissfully unaware and logged off. An important thing to know about Allen Robinson is that his considerable abilities as a wide receiver (cough, Bears) pale in comparison to his abilities as tweeter. His sub-tweets are, in a word, extraordinary: 


I'm not even putting words in his mouth. On September 7th, while explaining this tweet, Robinson literally said, "I actually was replying to somebody’s tweet. It’s a subtweet."

Not panicking yet? Good! Jordan Howard wasn't either. And since you're not panicking and definitely in a good place about this, check out what tweets Robinson's been liking lately! 


It's fine. I'm sure it's fine. It's all just some big digital smokescreen meant to grab Ryan Pace's attention. And like they say, where there's smoke, that's usually all it ends up being.