The Bears are reportedly 'all over the QB market' and are targeting Nick Foles


It's probably safe to say the Bears are in the QB market. First, there was this: 

But then, there was this:

Bummer! But don't worry, it took litterally 25 seconds for the next QB rumor to appear: 

Given how much money Ryan Tannehill got from Tennessee, it was surprising to hear that the Bears were in on Bridgwater, who would certainly command more than Tannehill. Pace loves himself a bold move, though, and Foles almost makes too much sense given all his connections with Nagy and the Eagles. 

There will absolutely be more names added to the mix soon – Andy Dalton, come on down! – so just buckle up and enjoy the one-of-a-kind thrills of bargaining in the the mid-tier NFL QB market.