The Chicago Bears have a relatively young team. According to Football Outsiders, the Bears' snap-weighted age (which factors the age of a roster by the number of snaps the players participate in) is 26.4 years old, which ranks in the middle of the league. Not too old, not too young. Just right.

But do the Bears have any elite players in the pipeline who are under 25 years old and set to become (or are already) a franchise cornerstone?

According to Pro Football Focus, the answer is no. 

In PFF's recent ranking of the top 25 players under 25, no Bears made the cut. To be fair, the roster doesn't have many viable candidates either.

The only realistic name who could've (and maybe should've) made the top 25 is linebacker Roquan Smith. But after a topsy-turvy 2019 season that included an overall regression in his on-field play, it's not surprising he was overlooked.

The NFC North wasn't completely shutout. The Packers had two players on the list, including interior defensive lineman Kenny Clark (who ranked 11th) and cornerback Jaire Alexander (who ranked 20th).

The most painful aspect of PFF's rundown was the name that appeared at the top: Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

He's like the nightmare that Bears fans can't wake up from.