Bears chances to win nearly doubled after Smith INT


The Bears were in a bind against the Houston Texans with under two minutes to go. 

Quarterback Davis Mills had the ball in his hands and plenty of time to play in the fourth quarter. The score was tied at 20 a piece and Mills had the chance to give the Texans their first win of the season. He started off the drive with completions to Brandin Cooks and Chris Moore. 

Then, Roquan Smith happened. 

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The Bears linebacker jumped a pass to Rex Burkhead and intercepted the ball in Texans' territory. According to Zebra Technologies Next Gen stats, "The Bears’ win probability rose from 46 percent to 87 percent as a result of the interception."

Smith helped put the offense in the perfect position to help Cairo Santos kick a game-winning, buzzer-beating field goal from 30 yards away with no time left on the clock. 

Smith saved a potential, embarrassing loss to the Houston Texans to help give the Bears two wins through the first three weeks of the season. 

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