Mooney on Fields' passing: 'It's a beautiful ball, man'

Darnell Mooney

It was the sixth day of OTAs for the Bears, and there was one highlight that seemed to stand out the most.

Justin Fields threw a couple of nice passes including one big bomb down the sideline, according to a tweet by Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

"It's a beautiful ball, man," wide receiver Darnell Mooney said. "He (Fields) knows where he wants to put it and it's very accurate. Sometimes it can get there at the right ball, but he wants it out in front of you and he'll get frustrated with his self if it's not there. He's very tough on his self. He's a great player, great person as well, and he's gonna have a good career."

One of Fields' biggest highlights is his strong arm and deep throwing ability, allowing for speedsters like Mooney to chase it down the field.

"I've caught one or two deep balls from him," Mooney said. "The very first one that he threw up to me I was smiling mid-route of just seeing the ball in the air and just where it was placed. He's very accurate with his ball and he understands exactly where he wants the ball."

Since the Bears didn't have OTAs last season in Mooney's rookie year due to the pandemic, Mooney sees the value in building team chemistry and what the offense needs to work on during this year's team activities.

"We got a lot of new guys coming in, and just building that chemistry with each other," Mooney said. "Just being more of a powerful offense this year of helping out the defense as much as we can because we know we have a strong defense and if we're able to put up a lot of points it would be very beneficial for our defense."


Speaking of defense, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey has already poked fun at first-year Mooney on Instagram, talking about how he can't wait to shut down Mooney in the first game of the Bears' regular season against the Rams at SoFi Stadium on September 12.

"There's a lot of defensive players this year that's on our schedule," Mooney said. "It's a lot of strong defensive backs, man. It's gonna be a good year. A lot of fun this year. I'm looking forward to playing."

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Mooney said that there's not one particular team or match-up that he's looking forward to playing against this year. He just wants to bring a ring to Chicago.

"I'm just looking to win every game that we have and I'm looking forward to winning a Super Bowl this year," Mooney said.

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