Mooney: 'I want to be the best player in the league'


Darnell Mooney believes he is ready to take on the number one receiver spot with the Chicago Bears

But, he's striving for much more than that. 

"I want to be the best player in the league," Mooney said in an interview with The Athletic

Mooney has been working tirelessly to make that happen. According to the article, he's been practicing around midnight at Halas Hall to make sure he's fully prepared for what's ahead next season. 

Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly be a tough year for the offense. 

The Bears' front office gutted the team's roster and signed a multitude of veteran players to minimum value, low-risk deals to fill the gaps as they prepare for next offseason. 

Without star receiver Allen Robinson on the other side of the field to take the weight off, Mooney will have the entire secondary's attention this upcoming season. 

But, he's taking the steps necessary to come in prepared. He practices nonstop and lifts as much as guys on the offensive line, according to the story.

He mentioned that it's a bizarre feeling for him to take time off. 

“I get very uncomfortable not doing anything,” Mooney said in the article. “The first week we were off, I was told to just sit there and get treatment. I’m like, ‘Bro, I’m losing my mind just sitting in this house. I cannot do this.’”


Last season, Mooney eclipsed his first career 1,000 yards season, notching 1,066 receiving yards. He caught 81 balls, 20 more than his rookie season and four of which ended up in the endzone. 

The Bears' offense has a tall task ahead of them this season at the cusp of a full-scale rebuild.

With their Justin Fields having just 12 games under his belt, learning on a brand new offense under Luke Getsy and filling the gaps of the players that departed, they need to be prepared. 

But, Mooney is ready for what lies ahead. 

“You know how Aaron Donald stands out? I want to be that type of guy who stands out,” Mooney said.

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