Bears' Mooney says things will eventually 'pop' for offense

Darnell Mooney

The first time wide receiver Darnell Mooney caught a pass from rookie quarterback Justin Fields in practice something felt magnificent.

"It's a beautiful ball, man," said Mooney back in June. "He (Fields) knows where he wants to put it and it's very accurate. Sometimes it can get there at the right ball, but he wants it out in front of you and he'll get frustrated with his self if it's not there. He's very tough on his self. He's a great player, great person as well, and he's gonna have a good career."

It was clear that second-year Mooney would be Fields' new target during Week 4's victory against the Detroit Lions where Fields threw to Mooney for five receptions and 125 yards. One of the biggest highlights came in the third quarter when Fields found Mooney for a 32-yard bomb near the end zone.

β€œMe and Justin locked eyes and once he looked at me, I was like, β€˜OK.’ So I gave my eyes to the safety," Mooney said about one of his big catches. "The safety, I found out where he was and I took my route higher. Once he threw the ball, I caught it and I knew the safety was coming towards me, so I was like, β€˜I gotta make him miss.’ Then the other guy was behind me. I tried to score, but … next time.”

In Sunday's 24-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers the Bears offense got off to a hot start, making an eight-play, 80-yard drive that rookie Khalil Herbert finished with a 1-yard run for his first NFL career rushing touchdown. In one of those plays, Fields threw to Mooney for an 11-yard complete pass.


"We didn't win, we didn't get what we wanted to get out of it, but you definitely see and definitely understand there's something there," Mooney said on Wednesday. "Things are going to eventually pop, and when it does, it's going to be extremely fun. Right now, it's just trying to get everything on the same page. It's a process, and we'll get there."

Fields said that he feels pretty good about the offense's daily growth and chemistry.

"We are growing every day," Fields said. "The part that sucks is not being able to win games. As long as we are growing and getting better every day, I think that is the main focus right now. Eventually our growth will pay off at the end. We just hope to win as we continue to grow rather than continue to grow and not win."

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