On Tuesday morning, the Bears announced that David Montgomery had been one of two 2019 Brian Piccolo Award recipients, given annually to one rookie and one veteran on the team. Shortly after, the running back hopped on a call with local media to talk about what winning the award meant to him: 

For me, coming in before, while I saw in college I didn’t know anything about the Piccolo Award. But as I got here I started to learn more about it — him and Gale’s relationship. To be able … It’s funny that I’m placed in a position where he played and I’m put in not a situation but in a great spot to where I can honor his name, you know, and it’s amazing and it’s humbling to know that me — little old me from Cincinnati, Ohio, a kid that struggled in impoverished situations and who didn’t have everything and his family didn’t have a lot of stuff — kinda just made it to happen. To have my name in the same sentence as Mr. Piccolo, I kinda sit back and reminisce over it.

Because it’s definitely a great achievement that when I get to grow up and tell my kids that one of the greatest things to happen to miss is going to be receiving this award. As you look into the stuff that’s happening today and everyday situations, through the police brutality and the racial accusations all over, we kinda just gotta look back and understand that there’s good people out there. Two opposites can attract. Diversity is nothing but a mirrored thought or a mirrored image. There’s nothing color-based. It shouldn’t be controlled by the pigment of your skin. To be able to see that Mr. Gale and Mr. Piccolo were great roommates — and beyond that great friends and great human beings — is what I want to be able to tell my kids, that I was like that. And they taught me how to be that. And I was able to receive this award.


Montgomery won alongside defensive lineman Nick Williams, who's now with the Detroit Lions. The award – voted on by teammates – is presented annually to one rookie and one veteran who 'best exemplifies the courage, loyalty, teamwork, dedication and sense of humor of the late Brian Piccolo.'