D.J. Moore tells hilarious Steve Smith anecdote


D.J. Smith spent the first five years of his career with the Carolina Panthers. And while he was there, he developed a relationship with longtime Panthers receiver Steve Smith. 

Was he like a big brother, a mentor to Moore?

"You could say that," Moore said. 

The reason the question was posed during Moore's premier introductory press conference with the Bears, is likely because of a scene in Hard Knocks years back toward the start of Moore's career. Steve Smith asked Cam Newton's advice about starting Moore in fantasy football in front of Moore. 

At the end of the clip, Smith and Moore have a hilarious exchange about the question. 

"Should I start you or John Brown?" Smith asked Moore. "It's a legit question. Is it not?"

"Start me," Moore sheepishly responded. 

"Start you? You give me two points I'm gonna slap the s--t out of you," Smith said.

Moore basically reiterated what everyone thought of their relationship, based on that video. 

"When I had bad games, he would text me and be like, 'What was that?' in explicit ways," Moore said of Smith on Thursday in his introductory press conference with the Bears. "He was kind of like a mentor. When I was doing good, gave me praise. But if I was doing bad, it was bad, bad conversations."

Maybe Smith will fly out to Chicago to continue his pestering of the young receiver. 


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