Eddie Jackson claps back at Lance Briggs for missed tackles


Eddie Jackson is used to having his name called for making spectacular plays at the back end of the Bears defense. This year however, the script has been a little different. With no interceptions and only one forced fumble to his name, Jackson has largely drawn the attention of Bears fans for disappointing plays: chiefly some poor tackling.​

On Sunday, it was Jackson’s decision to lower his shoulder and ram into Davante Adams along the sideline, instead of wrapping him up. Fortunately for the Bears, the hit was enough to barely push Adams out of bounds, otherwise Adams would've scored a big touchdown.

On the Football Aftershow, Bears legend Lance Briggs had some harsh words for Jackson.

“Eddie Jackson, we’ve talked to this before and his name keeps coming up for the wrong reasons," Briggs said. His name keeps coming up for reasons as, you are the safety, you are the last line of defense. When you come up and you make that hit on Davante Adams and he gets past you, it’s going to be a touchdown, kid!

"You have to make that play, get him down by any means necessary. Don’t care how you do it. Even if you, shoot, get the worst flag, still keeps him out of the endzone. But you got to find a way to get him down.”

Jackson responded in a since deleted tweet with the thinking emoji and a Pro Football Focus stat from 2011 noting Lance Briggs missed tackles. That’s right, he found and quoted a tweet sent a decade ago. And while Jackson’s quote tweet has been deleted, as of Monday morning PFF’s tweet from 2011 is still “liked” by Jackson.


Briggs is currently a Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee, was a three time All-Pro and seven-time Pro Bowler. According to Pro Football Reference, Briggs ranks second in Bears history with 944 solo tackles, behind only Brian Urlacher. When the Bears ranked the top 100 players in franchise history, Briggs came in at 28. Given the century of history and numerous Hall of Famers, that's impressive.

It's not the first time the Football Aftershow has been critical of Jackson this season. Alex Brown went in on Jackson after Week 1.

"Eddie Jackson, I don't know what the heck's wrong with you, but you need to fix it," Brown said at the time.

Jackson noticed that criticism too, and favorited the tweet. He responded with a big game in Week 2, notching a critical tackle for loss on a 3rd-and-1 play.

We'll see if Jackson once again has a big bounce back game after this latest critique from the Football Aftershow crew.

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