Eddie Jackson criticizes referees for pass interference call


Eddie Jackson is not happy.

The Bears had a 17-0 lead against the New York Giants in Week 2 and watched it almost slip away in the fourth quarter.

With the Giants driving and trailing by only a touchdown, Eddie Jackson jumped a route, tipped the pass and then caught it for an interception at midfield, great field position for the Bears offense and Mitch Trubisky to try and tack on some insurance points and make it a two poessession game.

But the interception was called back because Jackson was called for pass interference.

And he did not agree, and even after the Bears escaped with the win, it was still eating him up.

A lot are comparing the play Jackson was flagged for to Malcom Butler's game-sealing interception in Super Bowl XLIX. Both defensive players came from behind the receiver and contested a through.

The rules entitles both players, offensive and defensive, to compete for the ball and incidental contact is allowed.

So it really comes down to whether or not the contact was incidental. What made it incidental in the case of Butler and not for Jackson is the debate raging on social media.

But he's keeping things in perspective.

2-0. Bear Down.