Fans back Lance Briggs in Eddie Jackson back-and-forth


Well, Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson went at franchise legend and NBC Sports Chicago analyst Lance Briggs and it didn't work out quite like he hoped.

It all started when Briggs had some tough words for Jackson after he failed to tackle Davante Adams on Sunday. Jackson dug up an old Pro Football Focus tweet noting Briggs' own missed tackles.

Jackson has since deleted the tweet and the fan backlash was swift, and heavily on the #TeamBriggs side of the debate.

And that's just a sampling of Twitter.

The PFF tweet from 2011 noted that Lance Briggs had missed more tackles over the prior 3 seasons than anyone else in the NFL.

Now, it's worth noting that missed tackle stats began in 2007, well after Briggs prime in the 2005-06 seasons.

But our guy Eric Strobel dug through the numbers on Sport Radar and found that Jackson missed 44 out of 230 tackles as primary defender or 19.1 percent missed.

And of the available data, Briggs missed 103 out of 578 tackles as primary defender, or 17.8 percent missed. That percentage would likely be lower if the rest of his prime was included.

So even at his worst, Briggs missed less tackles than Jackson.

For more reference, Brian Urlacher missed 62 of 409 tackles from 2007 to 2012, or 15.1 percent missed. But that also does not include his prime.

Current studs like Roquan Smith, Bobby Wagner, Darius Leonard sit around 10 percent missed currently.


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