Bears fans still clamoring for Trubisky as Foles struggles


The Bears almost beat the New Orleans Saints, but let another win slip away.

Nick Foles' hasn't been the Super Bowl MVP and guru of Matt Nagy's offense as some suspected.

And once again, fans were clamoring for Foles to return to clipboard duty and former starter Mitch Trubisky to start.

Including, Troy Aikman who said if he was the head coach he'd "start thinking about it."

Some of the issues, as pointed out by Aikman when Foles didn't scramble for a first down when Trubisky probably would have and picked it up, is his mobility. Now, compound that with the horrible offensive line.

Plenty of people on Twitter also noted Foles' bad play isn't an upgrade over Trubisky's bad play.

We'll see what Nagy does... maybe give up play calling.

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