If you can’t help but shake the feeling that this Bears’ losing-streak is starting to feel an awful lot like a bad breakup, just know you’re not alone. 

First came the Raiders loss. Whatever! It was never that serious in the first place, things are fine. And actually, the loss was actually a nice wake-up call. With a bye week up ahead, the Bears can really work on *themselves* for a little.

Then came the Saints’ blowout, and wait a minute – this actually sucks? Maybe spending the entire bye week with the shades drawn rewatching highlights from last season’s Tampa Bay game wasn’t a great idea after all. Everyone on New Orleans looked so happy, and the Bears used to have that. Did … did they make a mistake? 

Things went from bad to worse when the Chargers – the Chargers! – came to Soldier and showed the Bears that even they are in a better place – and they just broke up with San Diego a couple seassons ago, not to mention being in the middle of a mid-life crisis that has them thinking about moving overseas and redoing their whole look. The Bears didn’t call you from Club Dub at 1:30 in the morning, but you should just know that they thought about it. They might have even dialed your number. 

And lastly comes the Eagles loss. The Bears tried to make a public appearance before they were ready and OOF it didn’t go well. The same rejection twice in one calendar year got people talking, and – in true breakup fashion – the Bears are quite literally blocking it out. 


“After games, I find myself not going to those social media sites and all those things,” Anthony Miller said on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently those cryptic subtweets from earlier in the season are a thing of the past.

“It’s not something that bothers me,” he added. “I could talk back all day, but I’ve learned that that’s a waste of time, and there’s bigger things to focus on.” 

And because what are breakups if not a chance for group solidarity, other Bears’ receivers are joining in on the blackout. 

“Stay off your phone,” Taylor Gabriel said. “Stay off social media. But at the same time, that’s hard to do, you know what I mean? Because nowadays, everybody is on social media. It’s about being focused and playing through that, because that’s our job. Everyone’s going to have their opinion about everything.” 

Believe it or not, everyone’s opinion about everything usually starts with Mitch Trubisky. If anyone could benefit from a good block or two (ha!), it’s the quarterback. He hears all the noise – and honestly how couldn’t you? – even when it’s coming from inside the house! 

“[I’m] trying to get some of these TVs in the building turned off,” Trubisky said with a smile, a detail worth noting given that exact social media outrage the Bears are now avoiding. “Because you've got too many people talking on TV about us and what they think about us — what we should do, what we are and what we're not — but they don't really know who we are or what we're capable of as people or what we're going through or what we're thinking, it's just the outside viewers looking in.

“So tunnel vision, ear muffs and just come to work everyday and try to get better and get back to what we know we're capable of doing.”