Wims claims Gardner-Johnson spit on him


The rebuking of Bears wide receiver Javon Wims' attack on Saints DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson continued on Monday.

Coaches and players voiced their displeasure after the game and Matt Nagy told media that he talked to Wims, who was apologetic.

And fans have gone back and watched the game to see what provoked Wims, but none of that showed what Wims claims happened.

Gardner-Johnson spit on him.

That's a hard thing to pick up on camera, even with the world's HD technology.

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Presumably it happened when Gardner-Johnson ripped Wims mouth guard off at with about 12 minutes and 50 seconds left in the third quarter.

But why wait? As one Twitter user noted, Wims was subbed out and the drive ended before he could get back in and Wims' retaliation was on the Bears following drive. Wims stewed for 10 minutes or longer on the sideline before responding.

But when this happened he was standing toe-to-toe with Gardner-Johnson.

It doesn't seem to line up.

And FWIW, Gardner-Johnson denies it.

"It wasn't no incident. We won the game," he told reporters. "It's a lot of he said, he said out there. Nothing happened. Nobody was spit on."

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