Jaylon Johnson: 'Be a fool' to take chance vs. Rodgers


Playing the Packers at Lambeau is plenty tough for the Bears. All the ways which make Aaron Rodgers a future Hall of Famer have been enumerated, but one in particular is the fact that he rarely turns the ball over. For some that might seem like a challenge to take more chances to force Rodgers into making a mistake. But Jaylon Johnson says the real mistake is taking the chance against Rodgers.

“You'd be a fool if you did that,” Johnson said. “He knows what he's doing. So I mean you can't take too many chances or do too much. You just really want to stay true to yourself, to the defense and just play with good technique.”

A player like Rodgers has seen everything, and preys on mistakes. Defensive coordinator Sean Desai said he didn’t believe the team should “reinvent the wheel and reinvent a whole new defense,” to stop him. Johnson agreed that the Bears need to stay true to themselves to give themselves a chance of limiting Rodgers’ impact.

“He's going to take advantage of guys who are trying to do too much and get out of character,” Johnson said. “I mean you've just got to take the ones that he brings to you and I mean honestly he doesn't do that too often, so I mean you've just got to live with that fact.”

Rodgers has four interceptions on the season. The only quarterback with fewer picks (with a minimum of 200 attempts) is Kirk Cousins. However Cousins has fumbled the ball seven times, compared to Rodgers’ two. Pair that with the fact that the Bears are 3-0 when they win the turnover battle, and 1-8 when they lose or tie in the turnover battle, and the Bears may have to live with the fact that they’ll need to find a new way to win in Lambeau.


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