Kyle Long tells cruel, yet hilarious, Matt Nagy story


Kyle Long gave insight into what it was like being coached by former Bears head coach Matt Nagy.

"We were playing the Raiders, and we were getting our a-ses whooped," Long said on his brother, Chris Long's podcast. "We're in there at halftime and our head coach, Matt Nagy, God Bless him, he looks at the o-line and he says 'You guys are playing like some gutless, quiet, b-tches.'

"And I stood up in the middle of the halftime thing and just walked out. I made it about 50 yards down the hallway and our security guy was like 'Kyle, c'mon man.' He said 'Not like this.'"

Long and the Bears played the then-Oakland Raiders in 2019 and lost 24-21. The offensive line helped give up four sacks for 37 yards attributed to Nagy's frustration and Long's reaction. 

Ironically, that was Long's last game in the NFL. 

There is no other time in history the Bears and Raiders played while Long and Nagy were simultaneous with the Bears. The only time was in 2019. 

That season, Long hit injured reserve after he played against the Raiders and did not return for the season. He retired after that year after playing seven seasons in the NFL – entirely with the Chicago Bears. 

But, that's not the kicker of Long's story. 

"I had to ride eight hours in first class on the way home," Long said. "I sat across the aisle from Matt Nagy and his wife for eight hours the whole way. They told me, they said 'Do not come back to the building.'"


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