ESPN charged its army of NFL Nation team reporters with the task of playing general manager and re-drafting the entire league to the tune of four players per club. The results for the Chicago Bear were, well, you decide.

First, and before you get too upset with the results, it's important to understand what ESPN's Jeff Dickerson was up against. The 2020 NFL draft order was used to determine where teams picked, which means the Bears weren't on the clock until the 19th selection. Each team was required to select a quarterback, a non-QB offensive player and a defensive player as well as a wild-card player (any position). 

As a result, Dickerson ended up with 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (No. 19). It could be worse (as Bears fans already know), but it could be better, too. The rest of the draft is where Dickerson may owe fans a bit of an explanation. Chicago ended up with RB Derrick Henry (No. 46), WR Jerry Jeudy (No. 83) and SAF Eddie Jackson (No. 110).

Dickerson, who deemed Henry a no-brainer in the second round and Garoppolo good value as a Round 1 quarterback, was set on another offensive skill player as his wild card.

I wanted another offensive weapon, so I used my wild-card pick on Jeudy. My only regret is that I took Jeudy over Amari Cooper, who went four spots later. Hindsight is 20/20, but there's no time to second-guess in my war room. I wrapped up the draft by addressing defense with ascending Pro Bowl safety Eddie Jackson. Translation: 12 victories and a berth in the conference championship game, at minimum.


While the Henry pick certainly makes sense, Dickerson could've had Nick Chubb 50 picks later. And picking Jeudy over an accomplished top-notch playmaker like Cooper is a big whiff. Sure, Jeudy has the makings of a quality NFL wide receiver, but his maximum upside is what Cooper already is. That's a head-scratcher.

Bears fans already know the value of Jackson as a ball-hawking safety, so there's no argument against that pick. But it feels like there were some missed opportunities here, especially when you consider what Ravens reporter Jameson Hensley was able to do with Baltimore's picks: Matthew Stafford, Julio Jones, JJ Watt and Stefon Diggs. Yeah, sign me up for that squad.