Getsy denies participation with Aaron Rodgers' psychedelics


​Aaron Rodgers claimed the ayahuasca plant -- a South American psychedelic -- was one of the reasons for him having the "best season of [his] career." 

The Green Bay Packers quarterback claimed the psychedelic drug helped him win back-to-back MVPs in the 2020 and 2021 seasons. The drug is a proclaimed healing medicine, in which Rodgers explained helped him with self-love, healing and mind-expansion. 

"I think there's so many myths and rumors about it," Rodgers said on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. "The fear around it is, you're going to s--t yourself, it's just a big throw-up fest. But, the negative framework of it is that is the experience, not the deep and meaningful and crazy mind-expanding possibilities and also deep self-love and healing that can happen on the other side."

Rodgers claimed a previous experience with mushrooms tempted him to go further with taking the psychedelic drug. He embarked on a journey for understanding pure love and the drug helped get him to his destination. 

Rodgers experimented with the drugs throughout his two historic seasons in 2020 and 2021. The Bears current offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy, was the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator during that exact time frame. 

The story begs the question -- did Getsy participate and know about Rodgers' philosophy?

"I was not invited on those trips," Getsy said. "I didn't know all that stuff. And I haven't watched that yet, but obviously I've been informed by a lot of people about all that stuff."


When asked if he wished he was invited, he responded reluctantly. But, he didn't say no. 

Hopefully, Rodgers' methodology is one left in Green Bay from Getsy's time with the Packers. Bears fans likely wouldn't be happy to hear Justin Fields taking psychedelic drugs.