There's no Bears football this weekend, which is good for doing all of those errands you had been putting off and bad for putting off all those errands you don't want to do. With no game to be breaking down, we reached out to BearsTwitter and asked them to send in their most pressing questions. JJ Stankevitz and John Mullin then fielded some of the best questions and answered them on their Under Center Pod: 

James (IL): Did that breakout game for [Trubisky] settle him in?

Stankevitz: Yeah, I think he settled into that game as soon as he hit Trey Burton on that 39-yarder for the touchdown. If you look at it, where he threw that ball, Burton was not wide open. I think it was Justin Evans who was still on him pretty good and even if Evans had stuck with him, I think that pass is probably completed - it was a really good throw. Evans lost his footing and then Burton almost lost his footing, but I think that throw settled him in. He was able to overcome missing Javon Wimms and taking a sack on that next drive that led to a punt and then he comes out and there are four straight touchdown drives. For the rest of the season, now that Trubisky has done it for a full game in Nagy's offense, I think that could be a huge game for him once the Bears get back from the off week. 

Mullin: Yeah, I mean the operative word is one that every coach, every player says is the key to real success and that's consistency. Is he going to do it again and again? He's done it, but there's no way to know if he's settled in; last year against Detroit in the 14th week he threw for 314 yards - they lost and he threw three picks. So the question is did he settle in? I don't know. They key is consistency and at this point the answer to has he been consisten is, not really. The arrow is pointing up and the accuracy is going up, but you've got to do it again next week. 


MidwayMan (??): Do you guys believe the Bears can win the division now given the rest of the division’s early struggles?

Stankevitz: Yeah, I don't think it's out of the question. Minnesota's defense looks like they've taken a huge step back - not just getting torched by Jared Goff, but getting torched by *Josh Allen.* I mean, the Vikings are in some real trouble - and it's still early, which I think is what MidwayMan is getting at here - but look, the way the division has shook out, a lot of people assumed the NFC North was the best division in the NFL. But Moon, we can probably go back and find clips of this podcast where you said "I don't really know about the Vikings, and I don't really know about the Packers yet" so, that's kind of how it's played out. With the Packers, I think you trust Aaron Rodgers enough, but beyond that? I don't know if the division is playing out the way people thought it would. 

 Mullin: To answer our reader's question, yes they can win the division. If they play .500 ball the rest of the way, they're 9-7. Let's pull the camera back and look just at the division. The reason why I've all along been tempering the brakes on Minnesota was last year they got right to the brink of the Super Bowl and the conventional wisdom was "wow, they got Kirk Cousins." Um, that's good, but they had a QB who was amazing last year in Case Keenum. It would be hard for them to improve on their quarterback play. So OK, they got a better quarterback -- arguably -- but they had a great one last year and they didn't get to the Super Bowl, so. To me, they're not out of reach - they're a really good team and I think Rick Spielman has done a great job in the draft. They should be good for a long time, but they didn't run away and hide with what they did in the offseason. The thing about Green Bay is how many stories have we seen about Rodgers and McCarthy? There's just something a little scratchy about it. They beat Buffalo 22-0 and they're grumpy. I don't think they think they're out of reach ... and then is anyone really afraid of the Lions? 

So, the long answer to our reader is: yeah, it's in reach. 


Scott (IL): Hypothetically, how big of a story would it be if Bears and Chiefs continue to win and meet in Atlanta?

Stankevitz: If the Bears play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, [sarcastic tone: engaged] I don't think we would have enough things to write about. You have the teacher and his pupil, you've got the two quarterbacks who will inevitably be linked their entire careers, you've got one kinda-bad defense but great offense and one maybe-not-great offense with a great defense. I don't think I can think of a more fascinating opponent for the Bears to face if they make the Super Bowl. 

Mullin: You know who might be even happier than Scott if that happens? The NFL. You would have two of your hood ornament quarterbacks of the future. We're seeing a sea change, a changing of the guard. [Meeting in the Super Bowl] would mean that Trubisky and Mahomes were as good as their teams hoped they would  be. You'd have the sexy new kids, and the kids are doing it, so that would be a very electric Super Bowl. 

You can listen to the entire Under Center podcast right here: