The Bears' quarterback battle has begun in earnest – Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles threw passes to receivers, tight ends, and backs for the first time on Wednesday – so it's officially time to drive Matt Nagy crazy with questions about who's pulling ahead, who's making the best throws, and who's ultimately going to be the Bears' starter when they head to Detroit in a month from now. Just don't expect any answers any time soon.

"That for us is going to be fluid," Nagy said. "And when I say that, we’ve got to be able to see, OK, if we need to sneak more competitive periods in because we feel like we’re not getting enough, where things are gray, we’ll do that.

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"As far as the timeline for that, we’ll get together offensively as coaches and we’ll talk through everything, and we’ll decide what we think is best in regard to communication to the quarterbacks and then communication as to how we want to handle it with our team."

Media and fans were never going to get the answer they wanted, especially on Day 1. If there's a rush to crown one of them, you wouldn't have known it by Nagy's demeanor during his latest call with local media. For those who are into reading tea leaves, Nagy admitted that he liked what he say from Foles' footwork, but then hedged when asked about specifics with Trubisky.  "I wish I could give you more, but it is just too limited," he said. "When we start getting into competitive periods and the defense is on the other side, I’ll be able to better answer that question for you. It’s the same thing with Nick." 


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So if the word of the day is 'fluid,' the theme of the day is 'patience.' And it's probably best for your sanity if you just assume that's the case going forward. 

"It’s just as important for everybody to understand that," Nagy added. "We’re not exactly there yet because we don’t know how it’s going to go here in the next several weeks. But once we get to that point we’ll keep that stuff private with us, and I promise you when we feel the time is right, you guys will be the first to know.

"After the quarterbacks."