Nagy: Bears see "enough improvement" from Trubisky so far


It shouldn't surprise anyone that Mitch Trubisky's painted an incomplete picture through the first couple games of the Bears' 2020 season. It has, after all, only been two games, and while rebounding from 2019 was a reasonable expectation for the Bears' quarterback, consistency's never been his strength. 

There have been some good quarters and some bad quarters so far, but through the first 1/8th of the season, the Bears have liked what they've seen from Trubisky. 

"Yeah, I would say that right now, we definitely see enough improvement," Matt Nagy told reporters on Wednesday afternoon. "I think that he knows that there’s plenty more that can happen. There’s a couple reads that he had in that game that, you know, was No. 1 in the progression and he didn’t get to. He knows that."

Nagy went on to say that despite a few missed reads, the team's actually been pleased with the decision making that Trubisky's displayed so far. What's been maybe even more encouraging to them has been the QB's short memory; bad plays that might have sunk entire drives – or games – in 2019 simply aren't getting to Trubisky like they used to. 

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"We talked last year — it was a big deal — let’s not make a bad play worse," Nagy said. "And let’s keep that next-play mentality going, where if something bad happens on one play, let’s make a good play the next. He’s been doing that. We haven’t had that domino effect. That, to me is another sign of growth for him." 


The stats through two games (38 for 64 and 432 yards with five touchdowns and two picks) aren't exactly jumping off the page, and Trubisky knows it – when asked on Wednesday whether he thinks he's played well enough, he answered, quite bluntly, "No, definitely not." But winning a QB battle, and then the first two games of the season, is a pretty stark improvement from where Trubisky started 2020, something he hasn't lost sight of. 

"I’m trying to improve in every aspect," Trubisky said. "I’m assessing every throw, every play I made, the decisions. And as a quarterback, you try to play a perfect game. You know you’re never going to get there but that’s what you’re striving for. I still need to improve every single week and there’s still throws and decisions I need to improve on and first game to second game, I feel like it got a little bit better and then that’s the goal to get better this week as well."