Earlier this week, Eddie Jackson went on Good Morning Football and lobbied to get some offensive snaps in 2020: 

It happened a couple times in 2018, though nothing significant came from it. Still, Jackson's terrific with the ball in his hands, and on Wednesday afternoon, Matt Nagy 'revealed' that the Bears have big things planned for him this year. 

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"I’m surprised he didn’t tell you we’re just playing in him on offense this year," he joked. "You know, so, he’s going to play the zebra receiver and we’re going to let teams prepare for him there. Take that and deal with that." 

If you can believe it, Twitter decided that it was actually not a joke and instead a huge peek into what will single-handedly deliver the Bears their first Super Bowl since 1985. Behold: 

So there you have it. Matt Nagy, on August 12th, directly explained how the Bears plan to secretly use their All-Pro safety as a starting receiver. This will surely happen, exactly as he's describing it, and you all can now begin debating what number Jackson will have to change to. 

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