Nagy shares Khalil Mack story that 'needs to be recognized'


The Bears don't spend a lot of time talking about Khalil Mack. The star linebacker is a quiet guy who prefers to keep to himself, and the freedom to do so typically comes hand-in-hand with $140 million contracts. Mack – and the Bears – usually let his production do the talking, which means the rare occasions when he is the topic of conversation are never boring. 

Take, for instance, the story that Matt Nagy told about Mack on Monday evening: 

But I will share a story about Khalil that I think needs to be recognized. There was a drill about a week ago, maybe y’all saw it, but he was over there running the drill while Coach Monachino was down with the other guys. He has a pad on his arm and he’s teaching these guys different techniques. I think that’s special. That’s on another level. There’s times where he’s walking on these fields in from practice and I see him walking with some of the younger guys and his brother and he’s stopping in the middle of his walk to just show these guys certain moves. That’s just who he is. He’s rare. And I just love that about him.”

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And just because a picture's worth 1000 words: 

And there's more! The Bears apparently love throwing their most inexperienced offensive linemen against Mack. Maybe it has something to do with the natural phenomenon of iron sharpening iron, or maybe the Bears just have a sick sense of humor: 


[Mack] only has one speed, and our tackles are feeling that right now. LC Simmons, Lachavious Simmons, I saw him in the cafeteria the other day and he told me in his country voice, he said, ‘ Coach, going against Khalil in that scrimmage, I realized how crazy good he is. But Coach, it’s gonna make me better.’ And I said, ‘ You know what? We had that same story two years ago with a guy by the name of Rashaad Coward. He was thrown in there from defense as a right tackle and he had to go against him the first practice. He looked at me and had these big eyes that he’s going against 52. 

*Rashaad Coward grimly nods.*