Foles happy with Bears: 'I never requested a trade'


Believe it or not, Nick Foles is happy he remained a member of the Chicago Bears this season. Following the team’s comeback win against the Seahawks, Foles shed some light on his mindset throughout the year. He also set the record straight regarding any rumors that may have floated around over the course of the year.

“I never requested a trade,” Foles said. “If a team wanted to trade for me, I would look at it, but I just made it clear—The team was great. They were like, if there’s a team you want to go to, then we can talk, and if there’s a team you don’t want to go to, then we’re not gonna do it.

“I mean, teams were wanting to trade. It’s a crazy business and we were banged up and fortunately, I’m glad I got to spend this year with my teammates in Chicago.”

It’s a bit of a different tune from the one Foles sung back in August, which was the last time he addressed the media.

“Is aspiring to be a three what I want?” Foles said during training camp. “No, it’s not. I’ve shown what I can do. I’ve shown it in the right situation. A player wants to be in the right situation where he’s running what he wants to run and doing it the way he wants to do it, in complements to the coaching staff.


“Listen, I’m 32. I feel great. The version of me right now is much better than the version that played in the Super Bowl, I’ll tell you that. And I’m confident in that. So put that through your mind.”

Foles did say back then that some teams had come calling to inquire about a trade for him, but like he said on Sunday, they weren’t the right opportunities for Foles, so the Bears didn’t make a deal.

Moving forward, Foles is still under contract for one more season, and will carry a $10.67 million cap hit next year. He showed his value as a backup in the come-from-behind win, but over $10 million is a steep price for a QB2. The Bears have shown they value the position in the past however, paying $5 million a year on Chase Daniel before Foles joined the team. But the team can save $3 million towards the cap, with $7.6 million in dead money if they cut Foles next year, according to Spotrac.

Either way, Foles said he doesn't know what the future holds for him, but reiterated he’s enjoyed his time in Chicago.

“This is my 10th year and these two years in this locker room have been really special with those guys,” Foles said. “I know everyone looks at the outcome and fantasy points and stuff. You don’t get to see what goes on in the locker room. But it’s a good group of guys that keeps working and that’s why it’s fun celebrating with them.”

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