Bears, NFL Twitter go wild after Bears name Dalton QB1

March 25, 2021

If it’s a viral post they wanted, it’s a viral post they got.

On Wednesday night, the Bears Twitter and Instagram accounts officially welcomed Andy Dalton as the team’s starting quarterback. And as literally anyone with internet access and a pulse would imagine, fans went berserk.

I’ll give the Bears’ social media team credit — they are bold.

So far, the post has over 15,000 likes and 4,000 comments, numbers that will surely double by the time you finish reading this sentence. Here are some of the best responses so far from fans:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this user reported the tweet as “abusive or harmful."

Daniel is threatening legal action, and, personally, I think he has a case.

“Some men just want to watch the world (and Twitter) burn.” This was Alfred’s exact quote in "The Dark Knight."

I’m afraid even he can’t save us now.

Don’t get me wrong, a positive comment is refreshing. I’m just not sure Bears fans went into this offseason hoping for "one of the best for any 2nd-round QBs drafted in the modern era.”

I would normally tell the Bears' social media team to read the room, but I give them more credit than that. They knew how fans would react to this post. They had no other choice but to close their eyes and brace for impact. And until the front office can field a team fans are proud of, that’s exactly what they’ll have to do.

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