Why Bears pass rush can overcome Raiders star left tackle


Football is a game of matchups. Coaches will try to scheme ways to use their strengths to exploit their opponents weakness, or how to mitigate weaknesses of their own. Every once in awhile you get a game where strength matches up against strength too. That will be the case when the Bears take on the Raiders in Week 5.

According to PFF, Kolton Miller, Las Vegas’ left tackle, has been the highest-graded pass blocker of 2021. On the other side, the Bears have generated the most sacks in the NFL, with 15. So what gives, the irresistible force or the immovable object? On Sunday you can probably give the Bears the edge since Miller is only one man, and he can’t block Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn and Eddie Goldman and Bilal Nichols all by himself.

“If you're the OC what would you do?” said Quinn. “I mean of course 52, everyone knows Mack and what he brings to the game. I'm just out here trying to do my part, get as much production as I can and help the team win. And at the end of course my numbers may be OK but I think they're still a little concerned about 52 on that other side. Who knows maybe I'll keep one-on-ones and he'll get the double-teams and triple-teams still, but we'll see.”

Last week the Chargers were also able to work around Miller, sacking Derek Carr four times en route to a 28-14 win. While the Bears are certainly watching tape on how Los Angeles managed to get to Carr, they’re not banking on that same gameplan working two weeks in a row.


“Each and every week it’s something different,” Quinn said. “What we see on film may not be what we get in the game. At the end of the day, I guess, keep it simple. If you get to the quarterback you should rattle him if you do it consistently. If not, it might be a long day for us.”

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