April Fools’ Day just started and the Bears couldn’t wait to get their jokes off.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the team’s plan for their 100th season, which will include some form of new alternate jersey, so the team decided to dangle a carrot on the stick on the only day it’s allowed — April 1st.

They released a video detailing their plans to make every jersey three digits for 2019.

It might be fun to see the Bears as the only team in the hundreds, but this is obviously their version of an April Fools’ joke.

George McCaskey, Mitchell Trubisky and equipment manager Tony Medlin were all in on the joke, with seemingly no comment from Ryan Pace or Matt Nagy.

The joke generated mixed reaction from fans on Twitter, some finding it funny while others rolled their eyes.

The Bears certainly went all out with a full video, article and photo gallery. At the very least, it’s strong dedication to the prank.