Why Bears feel obligated to keep fighting this season


While the math may not say they’re eliminated yet, by falling to 4-8 on Sunday, the Bears season is essentially over. But the team isn’t going to quit on the year to focus solely on the development of younger players. In fact they believe it’s their obligation to continue to give it their all to win every week.

“We want to come to work every day,” said Cole Kmet. “But it does get frustrating, you know, when things aren’t working out as you want them to and you’re not executing the way you want to. We as players have to put it on ourselves and just keep working going into this next week and just keep doing what we’ve got to do.”

Matt Nagy said it’s important to validate his players’ feelings of frustrations. He wants his players to know all their emotions about how they’ve fared are valid. But they still need to work hard every day.

“The only thing we can do is keep fighting and sticking together,” said Nagy. “I know it can sound old. I know it can sound monotonous. I gotcha. But when you’re in these moments, when you’re in that locker room together and you’re fighting together and everyone’s practicing, you’re in meetings together and you go out on that field together, we’re always going to give it everything that we’ve got.”


Alec Ogletree, a nine-year veteran who wasn’t playing on any team at the outset of training camp, has a unique perspective on the Bears’ position with five games left on the schedule.

“At this point it is tough for everybody,” Ogletree said. “But at the same time we are blessed to be in this position, and there are a lot of people who are still wishing they could be in our position. For us, it’s about, you know, being a professional and going out here and doing your job and coming in every day and still trying to get better.”

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