Justin Fields details mechanical changes for Year 2


Justin Fields is ready to take over the Chicago Bears offense. No more wondering if and when he’s going to start. Just leading the way from Day 1.

“It feels good just having that mindset,” Fields said. “It’s definitely a different mindset than last year, so I’m ready for the role.”

Fields says he’s learned a lot from his rookie year. So much so, he couldn’t begin to enumerate the things he’s taken away from the 2021 season. Fields has incorporated those lessons into his routines, and he says it’s made him a better football player. It’s exciting stuff for him.

But there’s more change for Fields than simply heading into OTAs as a better player, and the unquestioned starting QB. Fields needs to continue to develop personally, and needs to build a rapport with his new playmakers, too. Of course there’s the little matter of learning an entirely new offense, as well.

“It would be easier if it was the same offense as last year and we were just able to grow on that,” Fields said. “I think that’s going to be the most challenging part, with this new coaching regime is just learning this new offense and making sure we all get it down to the details.”

That learning has already begun with new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and new quarterbacks coach Andrew Janocko. Fields says Matt Eberflus has even sat in on a lot of their offensive meetings, despite being a head coach with a defensive background. The work has centered around installing new concepts, and building the relationships that will help them tailor the offense to the team’s strengths. But the coaches have begun tweaking Fields’ mechanics to fit the offense’s needs, too.


“One big thing was changing my drop,” Fields said. “Last year I had my right foot forward in the gun so I've been working a lot on having my left foot forward in the gun… it's just what they do in their offense. It times it better with the routes and stuff like that so that's why we do it.”

Fields, and the offense, are both still a work in progress. Regardless, you can tell Fields’ confidence is high, as always. There’s a lot to learn, but Fields said he feels emboldened by what he’s learned, and his early experiences as the top dog in the QB room.

“I'm just excited to get started.”

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