Report: Bears 'not set' on bringing Trubisky back in '21


Wake up, Chicago! It's time to start another Sunday jam-packed with anxiety about both the short and longterm outcomes of your favorite football team. And what better way to start than at the quarterback position, where NFL's Ian Rapoport had a little bit of reporting on Mitch Trubisky's future with the team:

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"At one point, the Bears were certain he was their franchise quarterback," he said. "Now, from what I understand, he still has a lot to prove to get there, and obviously a big stage now to do it. Here are the things working against Mitch Trubisky as he tries to remain a franchise quarterback for the Bears: he had his 5th year option declined, he's been benched, obviously he struggled last week. He's had his moments, but from what I understand, there's nothing certain, the Bears are not set right now on bringing him back. Perhaps if he wins and keeps winning, he could change their mind. But still a lot of work to do for Trubisky." 

This doesn't really tell us anything, per se, but I guess it's notable that the Bears are reportedly still undecided? There had been a growing consensus that, given both Trubisky and the team's situation heading into 2021, a short-term reunion might be practical, but it certainly sounds like nothing's set in stone. Maybe Trubisky is playing for his job (and Ryan Pace's) after all. 


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