Russell Wilson 'would happily' come to Bears


Russell Wilson throwing TDs at Soldier Field?

Apparently the Seahawks quarterback would happily join the Chicago Bears if Ryan Pace worked out a trade Seattle liked.

"If the Bears struck a deal with the Seahawks Russell Wilson would happily accept his walking papers to the Windy City," Schefter told the Waddle and Silvy Show.

That's half the battle for the Bears. The other half would be putting together a trade package that the Seahawks would accept.

And if the Raiders are on that list and can send Derek Carr to Seattle, Nick Foles and draft picks might not be as appealing.

There is some shock among Bears fans that they even made the list.

"He has the Bears on his list of teams that he would be willing to go to. I don’t know why that is," Schefter said. "Obviously he’s not happy with the offensive line protection in Seattle, he’s not happy with the way some of the things have been done there, but he is open to going to Chicago.

"I didn’t help him make the list, so I can’t say why the Bears are on it and other teams aren’t. I just know that they are."

Well, let's not ask questions. Just make the trade.

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