Ryan Poles 'broke a couple of trash cans' during the season


As one can imagine, being a general manager in the NFL is a stressful job.

More specifically, as Chicago Bears fans could imagine, it's even more stressful when you're the general manager of the Bears in the third-largest sports market in the country.

For Ryan Poles during his first year as general manager, he failed to control his emotions during certain parts of the Bears' 3-14, league-worst season.

"It was a really good learning experience this year. There were times where I probably didn't control myself very well," Poles said to Bernstein & Holmes on 670 The Score. "Thankfully, I wasn't seen, I broke a couple of trash cans."

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Poles didn't specify on the radio what moments caused him to break trash cans. It almost certainly wasn't after the first three games, when the Bears went 2-1 to start the season.

It could've been the Bears' ultra-disheartening loss on Thursday night against the Washington Commanders. How about their three-point loss to the Falcons? Or their one-point loss to the Lions the week prior?

We can't say for sure. But last season definitely warranted some trash cans receiving a swift kick from Poles.


"There are those moments but it's also like, 'Alright, keep your composure,'" Poles said. "You gotta let that 24-hour period, kind of sleep on some stuff and show up the next day with a clear mind. It's really about finding solutions and not pointing at problems and letting your emotions get the best of you."

Hopefully, there are fewer moments when Poles loses his composure this season. All-in-all, Poles & Co. have done a reasonable job in their next phase of rebuilding the roster through free agency and the draft.

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