Congrats, grumps. You got what you wanted: 

While in the middle of a 45-minute press conference with GM Ryan Pace, Bears coach Matt Nagy confirmed that, actually, the whole no-starters-in-preseason idea is a thing of the past.

"Absolutely. [Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles] are going to play in preseason," Nagy said on Friday morning. It’ll be equal reps and it’ll be a good competition for them. And, again, that kind of goes in tune with what we’re doing really with our whole team. It’s going to be some of the things we discuss and talk about when we’re able to do that with the team. But I think that’s part important and they’ll be a big part of that.”

It's a notable departure in tone from 2019, when Nagy's adamant refusal to play starters in preseason had, at the time, many wondering if the Bears' coach was setting a trend. Then the Bears finished 8-8 with one of the worst offenses in the NFL, and many (fairly or not) pointed to the lack of competitive snaps in preseason as a precursor to the team's disappointing year. 

Whether the Bears even have a preseason remains to be seen, even though it's already shaping up to be a critical one in the Matt Nagy era. Coming out and saying that starters will return to preseason makes all the sense in the world – there's no advantage to doubling-down on last year's optically-doomed strategy. Nagy can run the 1's out for two drives, let Pat O'Donnell do his thing, and never have to spend his weekly radio hits talking about preseason snap counts again.