Bears a team to watch for Alex Smith, per report


An Alex Smith-Matt Nagy reunion... what

Every time a quarterback becomes available, requests a trade or doesn't formally request a trade but lists places he'd accept a trade to, the Bears get brought up.

But when news broke the Washington Football Team was expected to release Alex Smith, the Bears seemed destined to sit this one out.

Enter Ian Rapoport.

"I would keep an eye on the Chicago Bears, simply because of Matt Nagy," Rapoport said. "His, obviously, role there as the head coach and a former coach for Alex Smith in Kansas City. Still needs a quarterback and could make some sense."

As of right now Nick Foles is still on the roster, which seems to render a move for Alex Smith as redundant.

And as long as there are quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson demanding a trade and Russell Wilson not demanding a trade but talking about trade destinations, moving on Smith now or immediately in free agency doesn't make much sense.

If Foles were gone, it becomes more realistic. But until then, we can’t see it happening.

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