Bears use funny meme from 'The Office' to respond to fans


The Bears hear your requests for who they should select in the upcoming NFL draft. 

Loud and clear. 

The Bears' social media team won with this meme. Bears fans are not conservative about sharing their views on how the team should go about its business. And the team assured its fans they've heard the suggestions. 

This offseason, the team has the rights to the No. 1 pick in the draft, spurring the conversation about the multitude of ways the Bears can go about using the pick. They can select with the first pick, trade the pick down, or trade it multiple times. The possibilities are truly endless. 

That's why Bears fans are chiming in about how they believe the Bears should go about handling the draft. 

The most ideal, and seemingly Ryan Poles' desired way of attacking the draft is by trading the pick down, yet staying in contention for potential generational talent. Charles Smith, a reporter from Yahoo Sports, says he believes the Bears are willing to trade down as far as the No. 7 pick, held by the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The Bears will have a lot of opportunities on their plate, and a lot of fans in their mentions. The latter will remain on whichever path they decide to take. 

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